Free DDS to STL Converter

Here we present our DDS Heightmap generator tool. With this tool you can submit an image in the DDS format and from this our tool will create a full 3D model based on your uploaded DDS file. Using the pixel brightness information in your image our tool will construct a 3D Heightmap model from your DDS file and will display a preview of the final 3D model for checking prior to the download of your final STL 3D model.

To get started you will find below the blue Upload a DDS button which you can click and select the DDS file that you wish to convert. Once you have selected your DDS file leave it with us and we will convert your file as soon as we can.

Please note that our tool will try to convert your file where possible however there may be times where some details of the DDS format cannot be converted and may result in an incomplete conversion.