Resin is a great choice for very detailed 3D prints. In order to print a 3D model in Resin you must ensure that your 3D printer can use this material.

Advantages of Resin

  • Enables detailed prints
  • Long lifespan


  • Expensive compared to other materials
  • Printed models can be fragile

Printers that use Resin

Here is an auto-generated list of printers that are compatible with this material. Check with the printer manufacturer for full compatibility before purchase.

STL Tools - Convert 2D images to 3D STL models

An easy to use tool to create 3D printable STL models from simple 2D image files.

Convert OBJ, 3DS, X3D and VRML files to STL models

If you have 3D model files that you wish to convert to STL files then this is the tool you need to convert your files ready for 3D printing.


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