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This is our AI to JPG vector graphics file to image file converter that will take your AI vector file and convert it into a bitmap image that you can then download in the JPG format. Our tool supports up to 20, AI to JPG conversions at one time, allowing you to batch convert your vector files quickly.

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Please note: Your AI file file, when uploaded to our server, will be deleted 15 minutes after upload. Please download your converted AI file file before this time.

To get started, click the "Select File" button; this will open up a file browser with which you can select your AI files from your local device. Once selected, you can click the "Convert" button to have our tool convert them to the JPG format.

File information for AI and JPG

Full NameAdobe Illustrator
Mime Typeapplication/octet-stream

The AI file format is a vector-based graphics file format that is also the native format used by the Adobe Illustrator graphics application. AI files contain graphical data stored in an efficient and scalable vector format.


Applications requiring high-definition graphical capabilities, such as professional design and printing, commonly use Adobe Illustrator (AI) files. The scalable nature of AI files makes them perfect for these tasks.

Full NameJoint Photographic Experts Group
Mime Typeimage/jpeg

A JPG file is a flat, two-dimensional image file format created for the purpose of storing photographic images in a highly efficient digital format. JPG files are widely used and supported by all image editing applications and can be opened on most devices with no additional image viewing software.

For many years, image file formats consumed large amounts of storage space while not offering 16.7 million full-color capabilities. JPG aimed to solve this by offering a full-color solution combined with lossy compression techniques to allow high-resolution photographs to be stored using very little storage space and bandwidth.


The JPG format is ideally suited to storing full-color photographic images. Due to the lossy compression it employs, it is not suitable for storing high-fidelity items such as logos and any image that contains transparency.

How to Convert your AI to JPG?

Here are two steps to convert your AI to JPG using our free AI converter tool.

Upload your AI file

Click the "Select File" button, and then select the AI file to upload. The maximum file size is 100MB.

Download your JPG

Click the download link to receive your JPG file.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert my AI to JPG?

First, click the "Select File" button and choose your AI file. We will upload and convert your AI file. Once the conversion from AI to JPG completes, use the provided link to download your JPG file.

How long does it take to convert my AI file to JPG?

We aim to process all AI to JPG file conversions as soon as possible; this should take around 5 seconds; however, this may be longer for larger files.

Does my AI file lose any quality when it is converted?

Your AI file's quality may decrease if you convert it to a format that uses lossy compression, but this loss is typically undetectable and can lead to significantly smaller file sizes.

Will the resolution of the converted file match that of my original AI file?

No. Your JPG file will have the same image resolution as the original AI file.

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