Support for Converting OBJ, 3MF and STP File Added

Posted: May 19, 2024

We've added support for converting three popular 3D file formats to our list of file converters today. These new files can be used in the same way as our existing 3D converters, and all support batch converting of 20 files at a time.

Additional Supported Formats

The three new formats added today are as follows:

A Toolkit Cap
A Specialized Bracket
A Motor Sensor Cap

3MF Converters

3MF files are widely used in 3D printing circles and are a more appropriate format for storing a 3D model than traditional STL files. Our STL to 3MF converter can convert your STL file into the 3MF format, and there is also the option to convert a 3MF file to STL for instances where your 3D printing slicer software does not support 3MF files.

Along with STL, our 3MF converter can also convert to and from other 3D formats such as OBJ, FBX, and more, meaning if you find yourself with a 3MF file, there will be an option to convert it to a format compatible with most 3D modeling applications.

OBJ Converters

Our OBJ converters can convert to and from the Wavefront OBJ format, allowing you to easily convert your 3D model files that may be in the OBJ format quickly and easily, with up to 20 at a time in batch mode.

STP Converter

Currently, it is only possible to convert files from STP; it is not possible to convert other formats to the STP format.

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