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Use our free GIF file converter to seamlessly convert your GIF image files to other image file formats with no loss in quality. You can also convert your images to a variety of 3D model formats using our heightmap or extrude process. Our GIF conversion tool can batch convert up to 20 files at a time.

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Our GIF converter will convert all the pixel data from your GIF file to another image format, and where possible, there will be no loss of detail. We also offer a range of image processing options that can be accessed via the button after you have selected your GIF file. We have options to resize and rotate your image and a host of color adjustment options to choose from.

GIF file information

Full NameGraphics Interchange Format
Mime Typeimage/gif

GIF files are a popular image format on the internet and are a common format used in the distribution of internet memes. GIF files have been around since the dawn of the internet and were designed to offer high-resolution image capabilities within a small file size.

Due to their ability to be used as an animation format, GIF files have become particularly popular as the format of choice for distributing internet memes. Their lack of full 24-bit color support has, however, seen the PNG format used in preference to GIF for many applications.


GIF files are particularly useful for storing animation sequences, and this is one of the main reasons for the format's popularity. In the early days of the internet, the use of GIF files to store photographic images and other web assets declined in favor of more modern formats such as JPG and PNG.

Palette and Transparency Support

The GIF format support both palettes and transparency. For palettes, it supports two sizes of palette, 16-color and 256-color, from a pool of 16.7 million colors. GIF files also support transparency; however, there is only one level of transparency as compared to the 256 levels supported by PNG files.

Compression Technology

Compression support within the GIF format is limited to the use of palettes to reduce the number of colors used within an image. This compression can be either lossy or lossless, depending on the number of colors in the original image.

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How to Convert your GIF file Online?

Here are 3 simple steps to convert your GIF file using our free GIF file file conversion tool.

Upload your GIF file

Click the "Select File" button, and then select a GIF file file to upload. The maximum file size is 100MB.

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Select the file type to convert your GIF file to using the list of available types.

Download your file

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to use the GIF file conversion tools?

Yes, there is no cost to using our conversion tools.

Are there any GIF file conversion limits?

At this time, we do not have any usage limits other than the maximum of 20 file uploads per conversion run.

How long do I need to wait for my converted file to be completed?

The size of your GIF file will affect processing times, so please allow for this. For smaller files of around 5MB, our tools will aim to have it completed within a few seconds.

How is my GIF file converted, whats involved?

When you upload your file to our site, we use a set of bespoke conversion components to, as accurately as possible, convert your file to the requested format. When the conversion is complete you will see a download link with which to retrieve your converted file.

Is it safe to convert my GIF on

Yes, your files are automatically deleted from our servers after 15 minutes.

Can I convert my GIF file using Android, iOS, Mac OS or Linux?

Yes, you can. Our GIF file converters only require a modern web browser to convert your files.

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