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This is our SVG to STL vector graphics file to 3D model file converter that will take your SVG vector file and convert it into a full 3D model that you can then download in the STL format using either a heightmap or extrusion process. Our tool supports up to 20, SVG to STL conversions at one time, allowing you to batch convert your vector files quickly.

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Please note: Your SVG file file, when uploaded to our server, will be deleted 15 minutes after upload. Please download your converted SVG file file before this time.

Our SVG to STL converter offers several options when converting your SVG vector files; these options are accessed by clicking the button next to your file once selected. Some of the options available include the choice of mode, which can be either heightmap or extrude (with color as an additional option), the dimensions, depth, smoothing options, and more.

File information for SVG and STL

Full NameScalable Vector Graphics
Mime Typeimage/svg+xml

The SVG format is a well-known file format used to store highly scalable vector graphics. SVG files have been around for many years and have widespread support within vector graphics and other image editing applications, and many image viewing applications support SVG.

SVG files store an image in the form of lines, curves, and other basic shapes within a plain text file format based on the XML standard. Due to its versatility and support, SVG has become the standard vector format used by websites to provide icons and other scalable graphics.


Due to their ability to scale without any loss of detail, as is the case with raster formats such as JPG and PNG, the SVG format is a popular choice of format for high-definition print media as well as for use within websites for providing clear and scalable graphics.

Full NameStandard Triangle Language
Type3D Model
Mime Typeapplication/

The STL file format is used for storing 3D models and is a common format for distributing 3D printable models. STL files emerged in the 1980s as a format for storing a 3D mesh as a simple list of triangles. Due to its age and simplistic format, it has gained widespread support within 3D modeling and CAD applications.

As a result of the simple file format and its widespread support amongst 3D editors, the STL format has found itself as the format of choice for the distribution of 3D printable objects. There are many websites that offer 3D printing downloads in the STL format.

Mesh Geometry

As mentioned, STL files make use of a simple structure for containing the 3D mesh data. The 3D model is stored as a continuous list of triangles, with each triangle containing three vertices specifying the location in 3D space of the triangle, which, along with a single vector normal, is all that is required to render the model contained within the STL file. There are two formats of STL files: plain text and binary. When used with large and complex 3D models, the text format leads to very large file sizes and should be avoided, with the binary format offering more efficient storage of the mesh data.

How to Convert your SVG to STL?

Here are two steps to convert your SVG to STL using our free SVG converter tool.

Upload your SVG file

Click the "Select File" button, and then select the SVG file to upload. The maximum file size is 100MB.

Download your STL

Click the download link to receive your STL file.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert my SVG to STL?

First, click the "Select File" button and choose your SVG file. We will upload and convert your SVG file. Once the conversion from SVG to STL completes, use the provided link to download your STL file.

How long does it take to convert my SVG file to STL?

We aim to process all SVG to STL file conversions as soon as possible; this should take around 5 seconds; however, this may be longer for larger files.

How is my SVG image turned into a 3D model?

Our tool uses a heightmap process in which the STL model is created based on the color and brightness of the individual pixels in your SVG image.

Is there a size limit for uploaded image files?

Yes, our conversion tool has a limit of 600x600 pixels for the SVG image and will resize any file that is larger than this.

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