Cooling Fan Bracket for Sinclair C5

Posted: Dec 01, 2014

This useful bracket is designed to allow you to mount a 120mm cooling fan on the end of the motor in a Sinclair C5.

When designing it, it was built up into three separate parts to make testing easier.  The parts are then merged together into one piece. Except for the 4 prongs that slide around the motor power inputs.

The Cooling Fan Bracket Design - Separate Pieces

Due to the need for strength in the 4 prongs, these are printed out as separate parts (on their sides) and then slotted into the main body and bolted into place. Printing them in the flat position gives them much more strength than if they were printed vertically.

The Cooling Fan Bracket Design

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JochemFeb 27, 2018 20:27

Hi man, would you be willing to share the STL files? I looked on, but they only have the 90mm version..

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