Back to the Future: 3D Printed Flux Capacitor

Posted: Jan 03, 2015

With 2015 now well and truly here, and a lot of people reminding us that it is also the year that Marty McFly of Back to the Future Part II is due to arrive.

Although there are no flying cars or hover boards available yet, I thought we'd have a go at recreating the iconic Flux Capacitor as featured in the Delorean time machine.

The Flux Capicitor Y Segment

The version I have created can have LED's added to create the pulsing animation, similar to that seen in the film. To allow for this there are 4 holes in each segment of the transparent "Y" part to take standard 5mm LED's. The pulsing animation is achieved with an Arduino Nano microcontroller.

I will follow up with the Arduino side of things soon for those interested in the electrical side of this. Though anyone familiar with programming an Arduino should be able to manage this fairly easily.

The dimensions of the finished unit are 90mm x 55mm x 108mm. The "Y" shaped segment was printed using the "Natural" plastic on a 40% fill. Silver plastic was used for the case. Gold, Red and Yellow plastic for the three bits that clip onto the "Y" section. Whilst inside the case I cut a suitable sized piece of perspex for a bit more detail. It looks great without the Perspex too.

The Flux Capicitor components

Here is the Flux capacitor constructed and working.

As usual all the STL files are provided below, so download and create your own Flux Capacitor. Enjoy!

File Download

Click the link below to download the file(s):

Flux Capicitor: (705.07kb)

Disclaimer: All files are provided as-is without warranty of any kind.


wagnerAug 06, 2019 01:30

Thanks for sharing! Do you have the code for arduino?

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