ZX Spectrum Chaos Fridge Magnets

Posted: Jan 18, 2015

Another of my favourite retro games from the '80s is ZX Spectrum game Chaos: Battle of the Wizards. This is a game I spent many hours of my youth playing so will now use the 3D Printer to recreate bits of it.

Here we recreate some of the sprites from that game into 12mm thick printed objects with magets embedded on the back. Ideal for sticking to your fridge or log burner in my case!

Once again, like my previous models based on bitmap sprites, these models were created pixel-by-pixel in a 3D CAD program.

Here is a model of the memorable Gooey Blob from the game:

Chaos: Gooey Blob

I've created several models from the original game bitmaps to enable us to recreate a scene from the game. Here is the Red Wizard, surrounded by Gooey Blobs and an approacing Golden Dragon. His only shelter is his Magic Castle.

Instead of mounting them on a fridge, I have placed the pieces on the side of a wood burning stove. It fits in well in the living room, though must remember to remove them when I turn it on!

Chaos: The final assembled scene


David RussellJun 07, 2021 01:50

I have reached the end of the internet and I am happy. This is truly glorious.

DanAug 23, 2015 17:54

Hi Stan,

Sure, if you still want some of them drop me an email to [email protected] and I'll let you know. I only have the pieces in the picture above.



StanJun 09, 2015 18:11


Any chance of selling those? I'm definitely interested!


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