Stop the Express in 3D

Posted: Aug 19, 2015

With the recent release of the ZX Vega, which had me playing some of the classic games from this fantastic machine. One of those games we'll be having a go at re-creating here in 3D plastic.

The game we are looking at is the super-playable Stop the Express was released by Hudson in 1983. Let's start with the original screenshot from the ZX Spectrum version.

Stop the Express on the ZX Spectrum

We'll be recreating a section of the train, which will then be mounted into a picture frame ready for putting on the wall along with my other 3D printed retro game pictures. The train will be designed as separate blocks, which will be printed out in different colors and glued together.

Stop the Express Train Design

Of course, we will need the character from the game, as he spends most of his time on top of the train, which is where we will be putting him when he is completed. Our character will be created as three separate pieces and printed in the same colors as the spectrum version of the game.

Stop the Express Character Design

Here are all the train parts printed out. They will be glued together to form the completed train. The colors are the closest I could get to trying to match the original ZX Spectrum game screenshot.

Stop the Express Train 3D Printed Parts

Finally, we have everything assembled and placed in the picture frame. The character has also been added!

Stop the Express Train Assembled in Frame

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