Acorn Archimedes A3010 IDE Back Panel

Posted: May 15, 2016

Continuing on from my previous A3010 Acorn Archimedes article I've now got the machine working and wanted to design and 3D print a custom back panel for my IDE Compact Flash drives.

A Dual Flash Drive IDE Convertor

I picked up a cheap dual Compact Flash card to IDE convertor from ebay. My A3010 has a Castle IDE interface and the idea of getting rid of the noisy old 2.5" 240MB hard drive was too tempting. One of the limitations of the Operating System on the A3010 (RISC OS 3.1) is the maximum harddrive supported is about 500MB so this dual Compact Flash drive is a great idea allowing me to have 2 harddrives. 1 permanent harddrive and one that can be swapped out for another without undoing any screws!

My design for the new back panel

I needed something to attach the CF adapter to and slide into the blank panel on the back of the A3010 which would expose one of the CF cards allowing me to swap them as I need.

So using 123D Design I knocked up this simple design that's fairly easy to print with minimal use of supports. Using the CF adapter I measured the position of the 4 holes to ensure it all lined up correctly at the end.

The design from the back

With the design done it's time to print it out, in the end I opted for Gold plastic. I could never get the printed colour to match the colour of the A3010's faded/yellowed case so why not go for something that stands out!

A3010 Archimedes IDE bracket printed out no. 1

A3010 Archimedes IDE bracket printed out no. 2

A3010 Archimedes IDE bracket printed out no. 3

A3010 Archimedes IDE bracket printed out no. 4

Now I have a perfectly silent A3010 Archimedes whilst having the benefit of mass storage provided by the CF cards. Whilst not massive (500MB each) that storage space goes a long way in the land of Acorn computers!

File Download

Click the link below to download the file(s):

Acorn Archimedes A3010 IDE Bracket Model: (52.93kb)

Disclaimer: All files are provided as-is without warranty of any kind.


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