Acorn A5000 2nd Floppy Drive Mount

Posted: Feb 16, 2017

Here we have another retro computer modification. This time I want to be able to mount a second floppy disk drive inside an Acorn A5000. Here is a picture of my A5000 for those not familiar with Acorn computers.

The plastic mounts attached to the drive

The A5000 already comes with a single floppy drive installed; however, there is room for another. The problem, however, is how to mount it! So the task today is to design some plastic mounts that can be attached to a floppy drive. These can then be bolted inside the machine to keep it in place.

The drive mount design

So, the design comprises four mounts. These will be bolted onto the floppy drive using existing mounting holes in the drive casing:

The mounts bolted to the drive

With the mounts attached to the drive, it's time to install them into the computer casing. The new mounts need to line up perfectly with the holes in the bottom of the computer casing, as we need to bolt them into position:

Installed in the Acorn A5000

With that done, I can reconnect all the cables and put the computer back together. Now that we have two floppy drives, it makes file copying a whole lot easier!

File Download

Click the link below to download the file(s):

A5000 Floppy Drive Support: (31.23kb)

We provide all files as-is, without any kind of warranty, for use in your own personal projects. They may not be redistributed or sold without permission.

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Liam WelshSep 19, 2017 08:48

These mounting brackets look fantastic - are they available for sale by any chance?

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