ZX Spectrum Next Game DVD SD Case

Posted: Nov 15, 2020
By: Dan Birch

Having created the game Thunder Fly for the ZX Spectrum Next I wanted to create a physical copy of the game for my games collection.

To do this I needed a DVD-style case that could accept full-size SD cards. Unfortunately these are hard-to-find and expensive to get shipped to the UK, so I set about creating a simple 3D printed adaptor to allow SD cards to be mounted in a standard DVD case.

DVD SD Adaptor design

Thunder Fly

Only for the ZX Spectrum Next!

Download the demo version here or purchase the full version for only $2.99

To the 3D Printer!

After printing it out it is simply mounted inside the case and glued down to the back of the case ready to accept the protective SD card case and card:

DVD SD Adaptor printed out

File Download

Click the link below to download the file(s):

DVD/SD Bracket: dvd-sd-adaptor.zip (29.83kb)


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