Pokémon Go Gym

Posted: Aug 09, 2016

Following on from the relatively simple Pokécoin model I did last time, here I will try to make a decent 3D printable model of a Pokémon Go gym.

Gyms in Pokémon Go are where trainers meet up to do battle with the gym owners. Once the owner of the gym is defeated, the trainer can claim the gym for their own team. This is what a gym looks like when wandering around the Pokémon Go world:

Starting with the base, each part is created and lined up. Creating them separately enables the parts to be printed out in different colors and also saves you from printing with supports enabled.

The first stage

Now it's time to do the mid-section. The aim for this is to enable you to repeat this part as many times as you want so your printed-out gym can look like the in-game gyms, which vary in height based on the number of occupants.

The 2nd stage of the gym

Finally, the top part of the model is done. Like all the other components of this model, they will be clipped or glued together at the end.

The top of the gym

Here it is in all its 3D-printed glory. To finish it off, I grabbed a cool Ditto model and put him on top!

The Final Printout
The Final Printout

File Download

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Pokemon Gym: (615.35kb)

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